The basis for a 3D BIM model or a digital one
The modeling initially forms the building twin of your property
a 3D model. This is done either from a 3D scan
on site (Scan2BIM) or from our unique Paper2BIM –
Service, based on paper plans. Combined with
additional building information, we awaken your property
so to the digital life.

We digitize your property from technical systems to
Equipment, fixtures and furniture, up to
surface coatings and materials. We digitize
also your outdoor facilities and green areas, up to parking
and event spaces. Via our online platform we bring visual transparency and digital availability 24/7 to all building data of your property.

Our Solution

Perfect Match!AI-Powered Digital Twins of the properties on our
web-based platform to collaborate over the whole Lifecycle of Real Estate

our solutions presentation
  • Take control of your properties
  • Link all stakeholders and service
    providers on one platform
  • Enable comprehensive data networking
  • Save 50% time of management

3D model/
as built

The 3D model “AS BUILT” reflects the current building condition of your real estate, at the time of the 3D Scan/Survey. It is a digital inventory, allowing either construction conditions or detailed current conditions to be documented without gaps. In addition, “As Built” serves, among other things, as a planning reference for the further development of existing properties, as well as for guarantee monitoring. ​

BIM model /
digital twin

The foundation for a BIM model of your property is first the creation of a 3D building model, either from an 3D scan on-site or our unique Paper to BIM service. We follow this up by linking the 3D model with the supplementary physical, technical, and functional attributes of your property, as well as with any information on fittings and equipments . The result is an intelligent data model of your property, a digital building twin, with all relevant information for effective and digital building management.

With the continuing use of your BIM model on our platform, we also offer you a constant update of your digital building data, as well as the connection to a digital contract management via open API interfaces. This means that you have a true digital building twin (Digital Twin) at your disposal at any time and from anywhere, with current operating, maintenance and usage data, as well as daily updated floor plan and area data for smooth asset and property management.​

BIM digital twin building schema

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