Digital real estate management
in just 3 steps


Digitization of your property in 3D through our 3D scan or from existing paper plans and plan files


AI-supported creation of a digital 3D building twin (digital twin) of your property or use of an existing 3D model of your property


Upload your digital real estate portfolio to our 4D platform for digital real estate management, available from anywhere 24/7, without additional software

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Your entire real estate portfolio, all building data, all processes – everything at a glance

Your DIN-certified digital twin as a central data hub and SSOT (Single Source of Truth)

Simple dashboard overview, benchmarks, KPIs and Factsheets with portfolio data updated daily

24/7 networked with all business partners around that entire property management, with individual role concepts

Task management and ticket creation with tagging and share function

Interactive tenant management with 3D stacking plan

Digital building tour in the digital twin with interactive area and component data including technical building equipment

Digital project meetings and inventory with walkthrough incl. AR & VR + measurement function

Daily updated building data through open API interfaces BIM update service

Digital real estate management

Your digital building twin and your digital real estate portfolio are on our online platform Accessible around the clock and from any device. Access is via your login data on our website, no additional installations are required. Our platform enables you to edit your real estate together with your customers, service providers and business partners via digital and intelligent 3D building twins (BIM models) on a user-oriented online interface and to exchange information with each other in a targeted manner. Localized tasks and tickets can also be created here and specifically assigned to and tracked by your business partnersfolgen.

The interaction of data and a multifunctional 3D online viewer, bundled in one place (SSOT), creates a completely new type of cooperation structure and efficiency for building management and building operation over the entire life cycle of your property. With our regular update service, our architects and engineers always keep your 3D building twin up to date and transfer the real changes to your property into your digital twin. The further data update takes place via open API interfaces, so you always have daily updated building data. With German servers in Frankfurt am Main, our platform also meets the highest German security requirements.

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