3D-Scan 4 Fiberglas

We are accelerating fiber optic expansion

Fast and precise 3D recording of the existing situation, with digital building twin available online within 24 hours (can be used for all supply networks)

Digital planning security through 3D measurement data on space, entrances, stairwells, cable routes, location of the usage units including localized image documentation

Fast and transparent tendering, awarding and billing for nationwide network expansion without time-consuming on-site inspections

Open access and wholesale management, digital documentation of the network infrastructure for connection management

We make fiber optic expansion plannable

Overview of the building entrances, location of the Gf-termination point and the Gf-building distributor

Location and number of units for a plannable Pre-assembly of the NE4 building network

Documentation of existing risers, Firewalls, chimney shafts and floor distributors

Position, dimensions and properties of Staircases for exposed and concealed cabling

All results and measurement data accessible anytime and anywhere on our online platform

More benefits of 3D real estate scanning for network providers

Saving of time-consuming site visits and increased hotline costs through digitally available planning bases and uniform online data structures

Comprehensive, faster connection of towns and communities through data transparency and simplified AVA processes

Daily data on the network infrastructure (FTTH + FTTB), accessible anytime and anywhere

Dedicated data exchange via share link with service providers and business partners

Database for connection management as well as open access and wholesale management over the entire telecommunications network lifecycle

One interface for all projects, one data source for all business partners and service providers (SSOT – Single Source of Truth)

Easy connection of your ERP system via open API interface

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