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How do you define yourself as a property and asset manager in the era of digitization, what is your USP? ​ ​Take advantage of the new digital technologies and inspire your customers and clients with BIM management over the entire life cycle of a property. With a BIM model of your real estate, you not only optimize your efficiency and your resources, you take your assets to a whole new level and work with your business partners and service providers in ONE common digital building twin (Digital Twin)

On our software-independent online platform, we offer you the option of intelligent data management in an interactive 3D viewer with an innovative use of BIM in building operations. Thanks to open API interfaces, all relevant building data flow together here, in a single place (SSOT), and can be accessed from there at any time and from anywhere.

For example, you receive area data, component and measurement data at the push of a button and can digitally link all relevant contract data, such as maintenance contracts, test reports and even utility and rental contracts with your BIM model and share it with your business partners in a user-oriented manner. This creates a completely new type of cooperation structure, with more convenient transparency and optimized work processes.

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